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Congratulations on the new office. We understand how difficult it is to move offices because we are a facility management company and we understand what a new facility can feel like and what new challenges it can bring. This might be your 1st or 2nd office move and you want the office environment to be of the highest quality as well as the new office should be equipped with good housekeeping service. But we also understand that moving offices can be quite difficult, especially with the amount of inventory and boxes and everything else that has to be shifted. And if you want your new office to stay clean it will be impossible for the staff to manage that with all these shiftings.

The next best thing for you would be to hire a professional housekeeping management service that will take care of the new office cleaning as well as prevent any health risk environment from being created. Let us find out together how a housekeeping service can make your office transition more seamless and easier.


Moving offices is never something pleasant. The normal work schedule gets disturbed due to the moving and employees need to stay busy in moving as well as doing their daily duties. There is also this risk of fire hazards and any high-risk environment arising from this situation as well as other emergency situations because no one can take care of every safety hazard due to lending their hand in moving. In all this, if the office looks dirty and feels dirty then that can make matters worse. That is why proper housekeeping management functions as a mood lifter and a positivity bringer to the atmosphere. When you are moving and the place seems clean that will automatically trigger a happy response in your mind that this is going to be the new place that you are going to work in.


One of the most important things that get missed out during any move is emergency situations. If your business deals with a lot of paper or lose inflammable material then the situation can get even more complex. It is especially during these times that the emergency situations become relaxed and people don’t have emergency situations in mind. This is the reason why many things can happen and one of them is the most dangerous and that is fire hazards. This is why a housekeeping service is of the utmost importance in cleaning out any irregularities that may lead to a fire.


As we mentioned in the point about a positive atmosphere, cleaning is the primary function of a housekeeping management company and we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd will make sure that your new offices are up to your standards of cleaning and we will make sure that the new office feels familiar and clean and hygienic so that you can start your business here and grow your business without having to worry about unclean premises. From cleaning areas thoroughly that get missed out to regular cleaning and maintenance of areas that might get dirty due to the moving, we do everything.


The customers are everything to a business and this is also the case with your business. If your business is a place where customers regularly need to visit then having a good clean up system will make them believe that even in this absurd and hectic moment of moving offices you’ve still managed to keep your premises clean. This will have a profound and lasting effect on the reputation of your business and will attract even more customers.


Moving offices can be a hectic ordeal and we understand that. It is usually during moving this that many files and many assets and documents can get lost and a lot of property and assets can get damaged. This is usually the case when moving is combined with improper cleaning. This is where the services of professional housekeeping services like awards come in because we make sure that all your stuff is alright. And as you and your staff are focused on moving into the new office, we make sure no one has to worry about cleaning.

This was a blog about how a facility management company like ours can help a business like yours in moving offices. While we focus on the housekeeping aspect of our services in this blog, we also provide other excellent services that complement the housekeeping services from technical support to security services and of course facility management and upkeep. We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we will make sure to provide you get the best housekeeping services in India.


Digitalisation in the integrated facility management system is not only important but rather mandatory in 2022.  This is simply because the market has gone exponentially both offline and online and therefore the digital market dictates quite a lot of what happens in the facility management sector.

There is also the growing demand for integrating various services into one and real-time understanding of the workflow and we understand this and we understand the importance that this kind of digitalised workflow brings.

Let us look at how digitalisation has helped the facility management industry and how we at DMM implement digitalization and what the benefits that they bring.


Automation is perhaps the most important change that has come to the facility management industry. As we all know in facility management, there are a lot of parameters to observe, a lot of facilities and services to keep track of and a lot of data to process. While they may seem manageable in pen and paper, it’s easier said than done. That is why digitalization has been instrumental for us to come ahead as the fastest rising facility management company in India. This automation helps us pile up tasks one after the other wherein idle workers get new tasks allocated and thereby increasing efficiency greatly.


Productivity is also one such aspect that has seen a great rise with the advent of technology and automation in our facility management systems. Let us take the example of allotting workers the new job assignments and projects. Previously workers would not be allocated jobs because the allocation process was slow and this would lead to unassigned workers staying idle. With digitization, no work is left pending, no worker is left idle and the systems get fast and flexible which altogether contributes a great deal to the betterment of our services and happy customers.


Data is probably one of the most valuable commodities in our facility management company.  We have to process huge amounts of data and these data can be from market analytics to payroll data as well as helpdesk data and facility occupancy data and much more.  Previously when there was no digitalization, everything had to be done on paper and this led to the process being quite lengthy also increasing the chance of error. After the digitalization of our facility management company, that data organisation has been extremely beneficial to our services as now there is no data loss as everything is allocated and organised and this data allocation and organisation is helping us improve our efficiency.



A large part of facility management services includes the maintenance of facilities and this maintenance can be through housekeeping facility cleaning plumbing electrical services and a whole host of other maintenance related services.  Previously whenever anything required maintenance our efficiency would be tested to its limit because there was no way of predicting when the next maintenance would be required.  But now through the power of derivation and the power of advanced AI learning, we can predict maintenance times within very close parameters so that there is always a team of maintenance workers ready whenever there is a need.


Compliance plays a huge part in the function of any facility management company and likewise for our company as well. Compliance simply means checking various parameters in various safety protocols and seeing that we are under the permitted levels whether it is the use of certain chemicals or certain technics in our facility maintenance services.  With automation, we can use various sensors and various techniques that give us real-time data services so that we can always ensure that we are under government mandatory compliance at all times.  This may seem like a small deal but it is actually huge when it comes to our line of work because the only way we can build trust in the industry is by doing everything by the books and according to the law.

So, this is how digitalization has helped facilities management companies become more efficient by implementing various digital technologies in their day to day work. The same goes for us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd. We have seen a great deal of increase in efficiency after implementing digitalization.