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Payroll is one of the most fundamental units of a business and payroll helps in the sustainability of a business.  In this blog, we will talk about the basic guide on what is payroll and what are the steps involved in the payroll deployment process.  While this process may be different for various payroll service providers for hire in India, they are mostly the same for the most reputed payroll deployment specialists.

Pre-payroll activities – These are the activities that have to be fulfilled before starting the payroll process and these are the foundation blocks for the payroll services.

  • Payroll policy – This is when the payroll companies will need to determine the company’s policies on leaves, benefits, incentives as well as other pay policies that they have implemented.  This is the basis on which the payroll service will operate on that company.
  • Input gathering- While the payroll policy is what the client company wants the payroll company to enact, input gathering is the actual data that the company will provide regarding employee numbers and their designations and their pay packages as well as any bonus is any of them will receive along with overtime money and other penalties.
  • Validation –  This is the part where the payroll company will validate the data as well as the client company’s payroll policy with company executives to make sure that you are not missing out on any employee or that your input data is correct.

Payroll activities – This is the main sequence of events in which the actual payroll will be determined.

  • Calculation – This is the most important part of the payroll process and this is why hire companies have been brought in to make it easier to calculate payroll and deploy it.  The calculation involves calculating the payroll and adding or subtracting values according to incentives and penalties.  Calculating also involves verifying the result data and analysing the input data so that there is no mistake in calculation.  Any mistake in payroll calculation can spell disaster for a company.

Post payroll process – This is the process in which the work of calculations in all other inputs have been done and the actual payroll deployment takes place.

  • Compliance – Compliance is making sure that everything from the provident fund to TDS as well as gratuity and everything is maintained as well as making sure that all the taxes are in order so that the company does not get any fines from the revenue departments.
  • Pay-out – Payout involves the actual payment of the employee salaries and this can be done through cash cheque or bank transfer and any other mode the employee has agreed on and this can be done after making sure that the company salary bank account has enough funds to make the payroll deployment. The best payroll service providers do this with sophisticated software that makes it as easy as clicking a button.
  • Reporting – This is when all the payroll has been deployed and the payroll service providing company needs to provide a report of employee records such as the total cost of payroll spend as well as a department-wise spend and other statistical data that may come in handy to the company.

So, this was the basic guide to payroll and if you are someone who months to do their payroll then you can take inspiration from this blog and start your payroll for your company, but as you can see from the blog, it is complicated and any mistake can tarnish the reputation of the company so the best-case scenario for me would be to hire a payroll outsourcing company for all your payroll needs such as finding any reputable payroll management service provider for hire in India.


Payroll is one of the most quintessential parts of a business and a company and a business stands and relies on payroll to keep its operations running.  Hiding a payroll management system from a payroll services company can make a huge difference in the operations of a company and can prevent common errors. You can always take a look at a guide to payroll management, which will help you understand payroll better. Let us look at a few common errors and learn how you can avoid them by implementing payroll systems.

Work role mismatch –

This may seem like a simple error but this is one of the most important aspects of a business. Managers ought to be able to classify the right designation for the right worker and failing to do so can cause a lot of trouble and a lot of reputation loss for the business. When this kind of an error happens the permanent worker gets classified as a temporary worker and gets the payment of a temporary worker and vice versa and due to this the workers can get quite upset and that can even bring the company’s balance into existence. With our excellent payroll management systems, there will never be a risk of this kind of mismatch that used to be common when there were no payroll management systems in place and payroll was done manually.

Payment inaccuracies –

This is also a major issue relating to payroll errors and this is perhaps one of the most fatal errors that a company can make and that is inconsistent payment. Inconsistent payment means not paying the worker the right amount at the right time and that can lead to work dissatisfaction this can cause the entire team of employees to lose morale and losing morale is never good for a business. Our payroll systems make sure that the right person gets paid the right amount at the right time and we make sure of this by to our automated systems and our manual oversight of them so that there is a 0% chance of error.

Flawed records –

Record keeping is important for a business because it keeps track of every analytical data that is related to the business growth and assessment of the business performance. Maintaining and updating these records will help a company understand how it is performing in the general industry and bad maintenance can even mean a bad budget allocation as well as many other errors.  We not only e assist with your payroll but we also have systems in place that do excellent record keeping so you do not have to worry about outdated and error-riddled records.

Tax calculation –

As with payment accuracies, failure to do tax calculation can also land the company in hot water. Doing tax is necessary for a brand to stay in the good books of the revenue department of the country and incorrect tax calculation and incorrect tax submission can even make the company look suspicious in the eyes of the government authorities and can create unnecessary trouble for the brand and even damage the reputation of the brand for failing to comply with taxes.  We have text calculating experts who are experienced enough to take this very seriously and offer you tax calculation solutions that will ensure that your brand image stays intact.

Compliance issues –

Payroll compliance is what keeps payroll systems planning and these compliances are mandates issued by the government to ensure that a company is competent to provide payroll to employees. These compliances include provident funds as well as gratuity and if the company fails to comply with these then they cannot issue payroll to employees and thereby cannot operate properly.  We will make sure that all your compliance is in order so that you do not incur fines and restrictions by the government

These were a few common payroll errors that can be easily rectified with the payroll management system and services offered by us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd. We are payroll experts and will ensure your payroll is always in order.





Payroll as we all know is a very helpful service for new brands as well as for big established companies. Payroll helps these brands deploy salaries and other important transactions and payments in time. Therefore you can easily outsource your payroll services to any payroll services company as they have gotten good at providing payroll to people. Let us look at how the role plays an excellent role in the efficiency of a company.

1. Expertise –

These companies are large corporations themselves and they have a huge team of employees and experts who jointly handle the payroll. These people are experienced in what they do and this is the only thing you do so rest assured your company’s payroll will go out on time to the proper person without any hassle. And hassle is the keyword here because doing payroll is a worrisome process of hassle and any mistakes done it can make and break your company’s reputation.

2. Cutting edge technology –

Payroll service providing companies in india extensively use softwares that optimise and manage payroll and these softwares are enterprise-level and quite complex. Even if you try to set up an in-house payroll management system, buying and training your new staff in this manner would be quite impossible. These softwares help you track the progress of payroll deployment and any other kind of analytics data that you wish to understand. Thus outsourcing your payroll to these companies lets you access valuable data at the click of a button.

3. Outside harm’s reach –

Outsourcing your payroll also helps you input systems like tracking the work progress of your employees and then calculating how much incentive they deserve and how many incentives they have taken up for the job. This is where outsourcing shines because having this kind of information outside of the reach of the employees is genius as they do not and cannot have access to this data thus reducing the risk of manipulating the technology that is present in the payroll management system.

4. Taxes –

One of the most important advantages of outsourcing your payroll is that these specialised payroll handling companies are that they help keep track of government taxes and jurisdiction and this also falls under their responsibility to help keep your company up to date with all the taxes so that they do not accumulate additional fines from the government. These taxes in India includes both the state government tax as well as the central government tax and maintaining both of them together is a huge challenge that only professional payroll management services companies can do.

5. Brand image –

Outsourcing something as serious as payroll shows the company’s initiative to spend money on quality services and this gradually and greatly increases the morale of employees. Any problem in the payroll of a company can greatly damage the morale of its employees and this is where the troubles originate many companies have seen a downward shift from this point because their employees were not happy with the brand and their payment schedules.

6. Access to data –

These payroll services companies are data-driven and to operate and work with them you simply have to provide your data regarding employees and other data for other services that you wish to know and they will keep providing you with the data for the smooth functioning of their companies payroll. They do not seek the involvement of your employees and your valuable time because data is enough for them to operate and that is the main reason why they are so convenient.

These were a few of the most essential reasons why outsourcing your payroll to a payroll services company and agency is one of the best decisions you can take for your brand as this technology has largely remained unchanged due to the fact of its reliability and that is why payroll outsourcing has reached a certain level then it can be called a service that is a necessity in today’s market. Simply google out India’s most trusted payroll services companies and choose any one of them you like and payroll will be smooth sailing for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Payroll, from a business perspective main seem like an extra expense but outsourcing your payroll to the payroll outsourcing company can have benefits outweighing the cost which is not at all substantial compared to whatever you will gain. Now some may argue that in-house payroll management is the best option and it can be for some businesses but for the majority of companies who have to pay out a lot of transactions, outsourcing the payroll is the best option for them.  Now let us look at some of the benefits of payroll management. 

Cost – practicality – 

Cost – practicality

money is perhaps the most important component of a business and every functioning business needs to take into account money spent and money earned and if the money spent is more than the money earned then that is simply a loss and outsourcing payroll may seem like an extra cost the company is bearing but if you consider things like employing payroll management experts to do your payroll in-house and the amount of softwares required to process payroll and other costs such as full benefits for your payroll employees which could have been utilized somewhere else and compared to this the cost of payroll outsourcing seems nothing and to be fair the cost of a payroll service is one of the most affordable ones in the service-oriented market.

Time-advantage –


the thing about outsourcing your payroll is that they are experts and this is the thing they do with a dedicated team o payroll experts and so you will not have to worry about any time constants because they will dedicate their full time to this for a marginal cost compared to having in-house payroll service management systems and this will also not overburden the HR department who have a lot of work under over their heads and that is why outsourcing your payroll is great and is quite effective in time and rest assured your payroll will get deployed out quicker than ever and this will also help improve the reputation of the company which place its employees and all its dues and taxes in time. 



The thing about outsourcing your payroll to your payroll management and services company is that they will have the latest payroll deployment technology in hand and you will simply have to provide them with the necessary details and they will fill out the rest of the work and they have special technologies in place that will make sure your payroll is automated and you never miss out on a payment and if it does you will not have to worry with some payroll outsourcing companies because they will fill out the fees and then you can pay them later.

The government on the good side –

The government on the good side

one of the most troublesome things that a company has to face is filling out taxes and it can be quite complicated as well as expensive because sometimes the fines from outstanding tax can add up if you do not pay your taxes in time. There is also this thing about changing governments and laws and keeping up with all the current budget and tax-related news to pay out the proper percentage of tax to the proper authority.  Outsourcing this to a payroll management and services company is a great option because they also handle your taxes and make sure you are compliant with your tax is all the time and since they are experts, they have all the necessary information for when a law changes or law is amended and you will never have to worry about tax penalties again.  

Conclusion – so from this we can understand that outsourcing your payroll is never a bad idea and there are additional benefits like increase in the model of your employees as they are being paid in time and properly and also this benefits that reputation of the company. We at DMM Facility Management Private Limited have one of the most reputed payroll services and management facility and rest assured with us you will never have to worry about payroll again.

Why You Should Hire a Payroll Services Company

Payroll as you know is a very complicated task with a lot of hassle and any irregularities and inaccuracies can bring down the reputation of a company. A payroll service provider like us at DMM Facility is a service provider where you can outsource your payroll and we handle all the hassle and all the complications related to paying your employees as well as managing all your expenses. A good payroll service is not only insurance for the goodwill of your company as being an honourable and trustworthy company that pays off dues at the right time to the right person but also maintains a high degree of morale within your employees as they do not have to worry about their paychecks to come in time. Here are a few reasons why you must outsource your payroll to a payroll service company.


Versatility –


A payroll company not only ensures that the paychecks of employees are paid in time but also helps the company in preparing the tax reports and filing tax returns for your business. Now we all know how complicated filing tax reports are and payroll companies can deal with any volume of documentation required. Payroll companies additionally can provide you services such as documentation regarding payment plans for retired employees as well as distribution of shares within the employees and other benefits and other forms of remuneration distributed to the employees.


Dependability –


your business which can be a business making paper products, food packaging, software development etc. A payroll service providers job is only to provide dependable payroll services for you. You simply have to provide them with the amounts to be paid, the deductions and other simple details and the payroll company will do the rest. There are different softwares available to update this information without even speaking to another being and your payroll gets send out automatically and this can be a great help if you are a large business with over 50 employees. 


Legality –Legalitya payroll company is an entity that knows and must comply with all the state and country regulations and therefore they are automatically aware of all the legalities during a payroll. There is also this issue of tax percentage calculations and other tax-related calculations that you may not know of but as a payroll service provider they are bound to be updated with the current information and legislation related to tax and this allows them to stay within the law at all times helping your business to stay an in compliance with the law.

Security –


a payroll is usually a process that involves changing hands of large sums of money and your employees depend on this money to provide for their family and so payroll is a very serious issue and we know that dealing with large sums of money comes with its own set of challenges and that includes security and hacking attacks, embezzlement etc. A payroll services provider is already equipped with the latest security technologies and encryption techniques and risk assessment exercises that make sending paychecks more secure than ever because we all know professionals do what they do best.


As businesses are starting to grow to national and multinational levels a payroll service provider company is an essential commodity and an essential service that every business must opt for as this eliminates the risk that can affect the actual reputation of the company. We at DMM Facilities are industry leaders in payroll management and handling and can manage your payroll and taxes efficiently, at affordable rates, securely. We believe in complete transparency with our clients and rest assured you will be updated at every stage of the payroll process.