Jun 25, 2022


A building security checklist is one of the most important things that security services must create.

Likewise, we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd also have security checklists in place that we create before starting our security services.

We offer different kinds of services and security services is one of our most important and well-trusted services among all our facility management services.

In order to carry out the service, we have to take care of many building security audit checklists so that we are sure everything is being followed and every security protocol maintained.

Along with that we also have a building security assessment checklist as well as a physical building security checklist.


There are a lot of factors and different elements that are required to be fulfilled in order to have the perfect security protocol.

Having the best security management system as well as the top-grade surveillance system or even using commercial-grade locks are not enough to have the best security.

That is where our security checklist is necessary so as to prevent human errors.

All of our security checklists are there for a simple reason and that is to bring out security vulnerabilities and embolden our security practices.

Take a look at the security steps we use to make a secure building security checklist.



Every building must have a security policy drawn up before the security team starts providing security.


This is made quite before the security moves in.


This is exactly like doing the soil assessment before erecting a building on a piece of land.


In order to establish security in a building, the building must be analysed with everything in the building.


This security assessment includes all the risks as well as all the potential dangers that the buildings people can face.


Only after every detail has been analysed, is a security policy is made.




Just like any doctor asking for the medical history of a patient, our company always asks and needs to know the security history of the building.


It is not that we ask for the history so that we can analyse if you want to work there or not, that is not the case as we never say no to any security service request.


It is because knowing the security history of the building can help us better serve security in the building.


During the security history assessment, we ask everything from what was the type of security being provided to the building before we started.


We also take note of any security lapse incidents that might have taken place in the building and if there are any flaws in the security we try to take care of those.


Additionally, we speak and have meetings with the staff so as to understand what are the security flaws in the building according to their personal assessment.


Transparency is the key to a security job and we take transparency quite seriously and that is why we need to know everything before we start security for a building.




After the security history checklist is done, we start planning the surveillance.


We make sure to draw up a big list of every possible surveillance law and that includes blind spots as well as areas that do not currently have good surveillance.


We get meticulous in this process so as not to miss any area.


After drawing up this checklist we prepare a different checklist wherein we have all the solutions that need to be done in order to take care of all these flaws.


We take time in doing this because if we are to jerry-rig this now, we might have bigger problems later.




Access control is one of the most important aspects of a building wherein we issue different types of access key cards and physical keys as well as authorisation to different people.


Not everyone has the same level of authorisation and security clearance.


Let’s understand this with an example, an administrative ranked person can go into the accounts section with their key card. Their keycard is different from the keycard given to the new intern.


The new intern’s keycard does not allow them to enter the account’s department because there is no need for them there. Although special access codes can be given if the need arises.


We draw up and access key card and lock checklists so as to determine what kind of staff has what level of access and security clearance.


After discussing if this access clearance is alright with the administration,  we issue all the security devices such as keys and key cards.


There are a lot of other security checklists that we do for the building and some of them are proprietary and only our clients have access to them.

If you are someone who is worried about their building’s security then we are here to help you.  We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we have decades worth of experience in the private security sector in India and we will help you secure your premises and building no matter how difficult it is.