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Your goal is to focus on your core business as we at DMM Facility Management Private Limited are the most reputed manpower providing company as well as facilities management solution company in India. Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive workforce solutions Providing you with the right talent at the right time is how it begins.  From the law firm to the IT department to the medical facility to the factory, we’ll deliver the skilled and technical manpower you need to make your work smooth and hassle-free.

The company renders effective Mass Hiring Services in all verticals. We have a huge database of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, and experience. The candidates, registered with us, are suitable for various job roles in different sectors.


We design customized Staffing Solutions for diverse verticals. The company is backed by a team of well-qualified, skilled, and experienced HR Professionals apt in manpower hiring. They carefully analyse the current HR Strategies, the work culture, and the unique requirements in the client’s company. Accordingly, customized Staffing Solutions are developed and implemented. We endeavour to increase the productivity of every department to hike the overall productivity of the company by designing effective Staffing Solutions. We offer flexible Staffing Solutions as a manpower providing agency so that the current, as well as future manpower needs, are smoothly taken care of.

Our proficient HR Professionals carefully evaluates each and every profile, before recommendation, for ensuring that he or she is suitable for the specific job. Whether you plan to expand your business setup or you intend to establish a new enterprise, you can rely on our Mass Hiring Services.


Practicality –

Outsourcing your manpower needs to a manpower service providing company is not only practical in terms of capital spending but also decreases the responsibility put on your staff that can be utilised somewhere more fruitfully. We at DMM have several teams of professional and experienced HR professionals that are seasoned in the art of selecting and deploying manpower and staff to our clients from various kinds of industries and we take our job very seriously because the quality of staff you hire can make or break a company.

Talent Filter –

We at DMM Management have worked with countless industries belonging to various industries including the industrial field as well as the IT sector and all other sectors and therefore we know and we can assess and sort out the really talented employees from the average candidates and provide you with a list of candidates that have already passed our stringent quality-control tests and therefore which every employee we pass on to you for further counselling are guaranteed to be talented and the best in the industry.

Flexibility –

Manpower needs are not static and can change from time to time depending on high business months and low ones as well as expansion drives and therefore you can accordingly hire employees whenever you need and you do not have to wait for days or weeks to hire a proper employee for a job that needs that employee vacancy filled right now and therefore you must outsource your manpower and staffing needs to us at DMM.

Salary Negotiation –

Negotiating salary is a skill and an art and through our extensive experience spanning years and a multitude of industries we know how to negotiate salaries, especially if you are on a tight budget and require employees that are happy with the pay scale that you are providing.

Risk reduction -  

This may occur in a very few scenarios that you may be that type of company that has to keep their works under wraps due to security reasons and due to sensitive material that can otherwise get exposed and if numerous candidates have come directly to your company to give an interview, some of them might be sent by your market competitors to look into the confidential and secret matters of your business and this can be very serious and dangerous if you are in the defence industry and that is why you should outsource your manpower needs as we will already screen and process the candidates through multiple levels before we forward their contact details to you and this will ensure that the employees you receive to not have bad intentions for your company.

Telescope into the market –

Hiring employees can be a really insightful and can help you get a  glimpse into the market conditions and can also help you determine the direction the industry is heading and the type of demand and supply the industry can generate. And that is why when you outsource your manpower services and needs to us at DMM, we will be able to provide you with that very insight that very few individual companies can offer.