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Be it a home or an office space, cleanness is something that is always looked upon as a good practice in every place and industry. Corporate Housekeeping services have risen considerably and home cleaning services companies are popping up like hotcakes. What makes DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd different from all of them is our experience and service prices which are affordable.  We are simply India’s most trusted facilities management company with a stellar record of having one of the best housekeeping services companies in India with cleaning solutions that are complete and comprehensive.  We offer many services and our housekeeping services lists are quite customisable depending upon the need and requirements of our clients.

We offer our housekeeping services to various clients. We ensure that proper cleaning is done on the premises. Cleaning involves moping, drying, dusting off the furniture, cleaning of the window panes, door panel, etc, vacuum-cleaning/ sweeping and moping of all floor daily/ as and when required during the day and removal of garbage/ removal of cobwebs/ cleaning dustbins.

Below is an overview of the kind of housekeeping services we provide.


1. Vacuum

We operate as industrial housekeeping services as well as corporate housekeeping services in Kolkata and we have one of the best trained and experienced cleaning staff teams in this industry and powerful and mobile vacuum equipment that can reach every corner of your floor without damaging your carpeted rooms as well as hardwood, linoleum or any other kind of surface. We do not leave a speck of dust anywhere.

2. Manual and power dusting

Our team of cleaning experts and apt in regular dusting using manual tools as well as power instruments.  The use of manual tools for industries that forbid the use of power tools for sensitive areas and environments and manual dusting for regions where there is no such restriction.

Manual and power dusting
Mopping Service

3.Mopping Service

Mopping is as it sounds, the change we at DMM bring to the table is that we use cleaning agents that are not corrosive and that do not harm your hardwood as well as stone and linoleum floors.  The mopping is done by experts so you do not have to worry about any damage to the cleaning services.

4. Sanitization

This is one of the most important services we provide because as we all know there is a pandemic ravishing around and sanitization is a must in today’s world.  We are experts in sanitizing large spaces with the use of the desired chemical you wish, which may be floor cleaners as well as isopropyl alcohol and others.

General wipe down

5. General wipe down

This may seem like a simple task but we take this quite seriously.  Our team of experts will wipe down all dry and wet areas such as basins, vanities, countertops. Rest assured we guarantee that you will not find any gunk and grease and any dusk after our wipe downs.

Why should you choose DMM’s Housekeeping Services?

1. Accountability

Trust is a big issue in the housekeeping services market and we can assure you that our cleaners are well screened and well trained.  We only hire the best so that we stay on top of the competition with the best results in the industry.  Our confidence comes from the fact that we offer unparalleled quality of service.



We understand that housekeeping services is not a luxury but a necessity and that is why we have and always will keep on our promise of keeping service costs down so that every industry and every size of business can take advantage of our services.


DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd is a facility management company in India where we not only provide private housekeeping services but every other kind of service that is required in today’s market landscape.  We are certain that you will be satisfied with our professional housekeeping services and other services as well.


Through our manpower supplying services, we also meet the requirement of various hospitals by providing them with suitable staff for hospital bed boy services. Hardworking and reliable, these staff members are trained to carry their jobs properly. We also assure the clients of reliable staff and take responsibility for the manpower employed on the premises by us.