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Facade Cleaning


Facade Cleaning

We, DMM Facility Management Private Limited take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a dynamic and professionally organized company in housekeeping facility management industries.

Why should a building’s facade be cleaned? The issue of aesthetics first comes to mind. After all, a clean building simply looks better than a dirty building. A clean building presents a more hospitable front – and, therefore, a more attractive real estate prospect – to the public. Just as we put our best foot forward with a neat, kempt appearance, a building looks its best when free of the grime, pollutants, and staining that shadow its most visible – and often, most vulnerable – attribute, its façade.

Of course, not all building façades warrant the same amount of care and attention. A building’s location, function, and geographic and atmospheric conditions all play roles in determining the level of cleaning effort necessary to achieve the desired appearance.

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