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Cleanliness is one of the most important factors that can work towards a positive light for any business. While it is easy to maintain cleanliness inside your premises, maintaining the outer look of your businesses and company is also quite important.  That is where our industry-leading facade and window cleaning services by DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd come in as we offer the best façade cleaning in Kolkata and are industry leaders with our facade cleaning system and services which are ranked as the most trusted facility management company in India.

What is Facade cleaning?

Facade cleaning is the process of cleaning the front face of a building which is usually layered with glass stone and wood.  While glass is the most popular form of facades chosen by companies in today’s date, we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd have experienced facade cleaners who are trained in the art of façade cleaning in every kind of material from concrete to glass and from wood to steel and stone.  There are several reasons to get your facades cleaned and one of the most important reasons is to protect the appearance of the building and also to help prevent corrosion of the materials by proper timely cleaning.

  • Future insurance – A clean facade acts as future insurance for the building and the facades safety because cleaning the facade removes and discourages the accumulation of dirt and mould. This in turn helps the façade fixtures to stay in place and ensure they do not degrade.
  • Cost practicality –  Our façade cleaning services at DMM are one of the most affordable and premium options you can choose in India because hiring a professional facade cleaning company is much more practical than employing and maintaining an in-house facade cleaning staff.
  • Public image – A clean facade reflects positively about the business. This in turn will help your company attract new business attention. This also raises the morale of your employees and thus lifting their productivity levels.
  • Time savings – Hiring our facade cleaning services will not cause any disruptions in your normal business working hours as our trained staff will not make any fuss while preparing and cleaning your facades and quietly and efficiently carry on their tasks.

Here are a few processes we use –

Glass facades -

We know how much it matters to keep the glass scratch-free and that is why the uniforms of our facade cleaners are of a soft texture without any rough edges and that is meant to keep the glass scratch-free.  We also make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions which comprise a mixture of water and cleaning detergent and other products to enhance the cleaning process and to remove any oily and dirty spots. After we do that, we do the finishing with copious amounts of acetone or isopropyl alcohol and polish the surface with a smooth cloth to remove any residues.

Stone Facades-

For stone surfaces, we use eco-friendly mild detergent solutions that are not acidic in nature as well as dish soap to create a lather and then the cleaner dunk their cleaning tools into the mixture and scrubs the stone surfaces rigorously until they are removed of all dirt and mould.  Additionally, we also polish the stone areas and repeat the steps as per the desire of the customer.  We make sure do not to use harsh cleaning substances against stone as that might react with the stone and damage the facade.

Wooden Facades-

For wooden surfaces, we mark out areas that contain moss and algae and then we make sure to use the mildest cleaning solutions possible and that includes cleaning solutions and water along with mild soaps that do not react with wood. We make sure to use soft bristle brushes to gently scrub off all dirt from the wooden facade and then repeat the process gently till the façade looks as good as new.

Avail our facade cleaning services today because we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd are leaders in the façade cleaning industry and our expert team of façade cleaners have experience in cleaning facades of high rises to buildings of archaeological and cultural significance and regular apartments. If safety is your concern and the beautification of your buildings is your desire then our services are a perfect match for your high level of quality.