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We, DMM Facility Management Private Limited take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a dynamic and professionally organized company in the housekeeping facility management industries and we are proud to be India’s most trusted help desk management service provider as we are ranked with having the most trusted facility management services in India.

We provide customer-centric help desk support services and help desk management softwares required for the proper functioning of your help desk line-up. Our trained and experienced customer service representatives have years’ worth of experience in dealing with customers from all backgrounds and ethnicities and temperaments.

We make sure to adhere to the brand values and ethics of your company as we treat your customers with the utmost calm and composure. We provide help and information usually for all kinds of industries including the IT industry and provide IT help desk management systems to help your take in customer complaints related to electronic or computer problems.

While the main focus of a help desk is simply fixing issues, a service desk’s main focus is delivering service to its customers or users. There’s a certain emphasis on service delivery and customer-centricity in service desks that are missing in help desks. However, we are a dynamic company and have our help desk management in such an array so that we can solve help desk as well as service desk issues with great flexibility.

When employees need someone to troubleshoot a printer, upgrade the security on a laptop, or give them access to a new system, it’s the help desk to the rescue. When customers can’t get into their systems, need help with setup, or encounter a bug, it’s the help desk that typically gets a call. And we treat each call with the same level of sincerity as we follow our service desk processes and procedures.

Here are a few reasons why we at DMM Facility Management Private Limited have been such a success as a help desk management service provider.

A Happy Customer Equals A Repeat Customer –

We have perfected the art of help desk support service to such an extent that it not only benefits the customer but the business itself many times more. Whenever our experienced customer service representatives talk to a customer, we try to make sure that the customer has had their problems listened to and solved to the extent possible. We go way and beyond to provide a happy and positive experience to the customers and take the time to note the issues that customer is facing and then identify patterns and let the businesses know if the problem is a general issue. We try our level best to make sure that the client has had their faith and trust restored in the company after that complaint has been registered and solved and that the customers become returnees once more to do business with the brand and this is how we benefit the customer as well as the brand.

A Customised and Unique Approach –

We are not a brand that takes help desk Management services as a bulk order and tries to apply the same software and services to every business. We are not that, we take a different approach as we believe every business is different and every type of business has a specific set of customers and understand that there are specific kinds of problems that they can register. Therefore, through our team of customer support experts and analysts as well as through sophisticated software and AI we have developed, we try to identify the uniqueness of your business. We then custom design services processes and procedures and along with asset management services and create a solution unique to you.

We Value Knowledge –

Although we like to keep the approach new and unique for our clients, we still value knowledge and our customer service representatives are an example of that. We always encourage our staff to go above and beyond and always utilise the knowledge and feedback of our customer service representatives to upgrade and improve our help desk management softwares and service desk management systems and IT help desk and customer service systems.  Along with that, we work very closely and transparently with our clients and always make proper use of their valuable opinions and their market knowledge and apply it while managing help desks because we are simply here to help and they are the real bearers of knowledge in the market. We combine the knowledge that we have accumulated from customer service representatives and customer complaint patterns and call patterns as well as the knowledge from our clients and we use all of them to create a robust system that is trusted all over India.

A Zero Failure System –

A zero failure system is exactly what it sounds like, our help desk management services and help desk management softwares and solutions as well as our services management systems are full-proof and are redundant and immune to failure. Now you might wonder that is impossible but we have made it quite possible with our years of market experience that we have in the helpdesk management sector as well as the plethora of system checks as well as experts, we have employed in the system to handle any amount of volume and help desk support requirements that are needed at any moment.  We are an outsource and forget solution that you can rest assured you will never have complaints with us as we handle the complaints and help requests of your clients and uphold the fine great reputation of your company.