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Outsourcing payroll is an excellent alternative and a better option to in house payroll processing for today’s businesses looking for reliable payroll management systems. While there are many reasons business owners choose to outsource payroll, here we’ve identified the top six advantages for businesses that hire payroll outsourcing services in India from DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd as we are the best facility management company in India.

Reduce costs

1. Reduce costs with our Payroll Solutions

Let us compare the two payroll solutions you might be thinking of utilising. One being the cheapest payroll outsourcing service and management system trusted all across India by multiple brands, the other being your in-house payroll system. The time you and your employees will spend on payroll related activities including management, payroll data processing system upgradation, check printing and sorting, training of qualified staff to deal with payroll and all the other expenses and time spend will be quite impractical. On the other hand, outsourcing your payroll responsibilities to us professionals will cost a fraction of the time and capital expenditure and will allow you save capital and employee time and utilise it in business needs and growth.  

2. Reduce workload

Payroll is a headache to maintain, this statement is an understatement. It is more of a responsibility that can quickly bring in a world of trouble if not done right. From payroll related activities like benefit accruals, garnishments, new hiring drive management and subsequent terminations and on top of that keeping track of ever transforming state and union regulations can be a daunting task that doesn’t tolerate errors. Outsourcing your payroll services and payroll processing, including payroll data processing and management to us at DMM Facility Management. Our payroll specialist will help you concentrate on your core business activities and free up essential employee time and reroute human resources to work on more primary tasks that demand attention in your business.

Reduce workload
Avoid Income Tax Penalties

3.Avoid Income Tax Penalties

Corporate Tax calculation in India can seem like a burden and for sound reason. Penalties for errors, omissions or late payroll tax filings can be very costly to the business both monetarily as well as to the reputation. We at DMM with our state-of-the-art payroll management and processing system will calculate payroll taxes, manage filings and payments and will assume the cost of penalties due to incorrect calculations or late payments so long as you provide the necessary information and funds on time. Keeping abreast of state, local and industry specific regulation changes can be at best a real challenge. Outsource your payroll management services with us as we have years’ worth of experience and we also have experienced staff dedicated to keeping up to date on all of the changes that could affect your payroll, ensuring that you stay in compliance.

4. Increase reliability

Payroll is generally a resource consuming process and any regular business isn’t apt or even equipped to deal with high volume payroll deployment, specially during months of high sales volumes and times of year ending tax-calculation crunches. We at DMM Facility Management specialise in payroll services and as being one of India’s most renowned payroll service providers, we are apt, equipped and experienced with any volume of payroll related activities at any given time and we do this with our teams of payroll specialists, data analysts, IT engineers (software management and upkeep) and experienced staff with years of payroll deployment experience. 

Increase reliability
Expand payment methods

5. Expand payment methods with our Payroll Management System

In addition to printing and shipping checks directly to your door, we at DMM with our payroll processing and management outsourcing service also offer the convenience and security of direct deposit services. As pay is deposited directly into your employees’ accounts, having to put a stop payment on a lost pay check and reissue it becomes a thing of the past and we also offer a pay card service for unbanked employees, usually at little or no cost to the employer. We also handle and are equipped to handle payment needs of any kind and of any format that the employer requests.

6. Eliminate payroll pain and worry

With the help of our DMM’s reliable payroll processing system and payroll management and processing service, the hassle and pain often associated with processing payroll is gone! You will only need to provide the basic information and data, and we will take care of the rest with record reliability and speed. With our DMM guarantee of error free payroll and tax filings and payments, you can eliminate the worry that your competitors experience when it comes to paying employees and taxes correctly and on time and stay on top of the industry you do business in.Payroll management systems come with its own challenges and errors. But an experienced facility management company like ours at DMM knows how to handle these common payroll management system errors.