Apr 16, 2022


Facility management services are perhaps the best complement to a hospital because they can work in perfect synchronization with the workings of a hospital and has the perfect compatibility with the nature of services required in a hospital.

Unlike other industries, the healthcare industry needs special attention to various aspects of facilities for a facility management company making the task of providing services challenging but where there are challenges there is DMM.

Having worked in nearly every sector of the industry, we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd can say with confidence that we would be perfect in the surroundings of the environment that is in a hospital.

Let us check out how our services are a perfect match for hospitals.

Hygiene –

Hygiene is perhaps the most important thing that comes to mind when we are talking about a facility management service and it is also the most important thing that comes to mind when we are talking about the clean and sterile environment of a hospital. This is where we come in because of the multitude of services that we provide in the hygiene sector. Let’s start with the obvious and that is the regular housekeeping service and cleaning services because in a hospital the cleaning services must be attentive at all times to clean and make every area as sterile as possible and we have extensive experience in this field. We simply work by breaking down areas into priority levels. These priority levels include areas where surgeries are performed and that areas hold the utmost priority where only the most experienced workers are allowed to clean then we move down the priority chain to the last area and these areas include the outside of hospitals as well as areas nearby which have chances of having human contact such as railings and other places are situated. Along with the cleaning services we also have expert garbage disposal teams who know the difference between hazardous garbage and also the various categories of hazardous garbage and know how to segregate and handle them accordingly. Our workers are perfect for the job because they have extensive experience working during pandemic times and understand contamination and the core understanding of hygiene.

Mission-critical services –

A hospital is a very important place where decisions regarding life and death are made and it is that value for the importance that keeps us up at night and makes us push our levels to improve our facility management services. Various mission-critical services need to be run when dealing with a facility like a hospital complex and one of the most critical services in a hospital is the electrical service. Especially if the hospital has an intensive care unit as well as an OT then maintaining proper electricity for the running of life-saving equipment is of priority and our expert electricians know this and that is why we provide 24/7 electricity and electrician support system and along with that we also are experts in regular maintenance so that there are no electrical problems, to begin with. Along with that we also provide various services for the upgradation of equipment and installation of new electrical wiring that integrates well with the existing systems without creating unnecessary load on the system. Along with electricity one of the most important services that are mission-critical to hospitals is plumbing because in simple terms a hospital is a place where bad substances are removed from individuals and that includes fluids. Therefore plumbing not only consists of keeping freshwater running for the running of various equipment but also keeping the waste drainage systems running so that a sterile and clean environment such as a hospital never gets contaminated with human waste. Our expert plumbers understand this and that is why we also have an emergency 24/7 plumbing service available as a part of facility management services for hospitals. Our plumbers will make sure that all the pipes and fittings and fixtures are maintained so that there is never a leakage. A leakage in a place like a hospital should also be avoided because it can create short circuits in the expensive equipment that runs on electricity.

Aesthetics –

A hospital is a place of healing and no one understands this better than us because we know how much a good environment impacts the way we think. Having a clean and good environment increases the chances of recovery because a well-presented environment induces confidence in the patient’s mind and thereby quickens their recovery times by improving their mental health. One of the best ways for improving the aesthetic appeal of a hospital is to have lots of trees and greenery on the hospital premises. These trees and plants will not only help beautify the environment of the hospital but will also provide fresh air which is important in hospitals. We have expert teams of gardeners who know how to beautify a place and with their extensive experience in working for small and large garden patches they can design and grow and groom a garden totally according to your desire. Along with that we also offer another important service and that is facade cleaning service. Nowadays every modern hospital has a glass facade and an unclean glass facade can have a negative impact on the patient’s mind as well as the minds of the patient’s family and that is why we also offer a renowned facade cleaning service. Our expert team of workers at DMM know how to handle and clean any kind of facade surface such as glass, stone, wood, steel etc making sure that your hospital’s facade stays clean at all times.

These were a few of the ways in which we as a facility Management company can help hospitals run properly. As we have worked with every kind of industry we have extensive experience working in the medical sector and health services industry making us a perfect match for your hospitals. Hire DMM today because we are the best facility management company in India, based in Kolkata and let us work together to provide a holistic healing environment that facilitates success.