Mar 28, 2022


As a facilities management company, evacuation is one of the most important things that comes to our mind. We at DMM Facilities Management Pvt Ltd train and retrain our staff and team members to be prepared for every kind of natural disaster or manmade disaster that can occur and that is why we take evacuation with the utmost seriousness. Emergency evacuation is not something to be trifled with and many facilities management company and many other facilities maintenance companies do not take their emergency evacuation plans seriously as this blog is for everyone who wants to have an efficient and proper plan. 

Let us take a look at 5 ways in which you can improve your building’s evacuation plan so that no matter the calamity you will be able to bring out your staff safely. 


The best way to stay prepared in a time of emergency is to train your staff.  Let us look at a few ways in which you can train your staff so that they become effective during emergencies.  One of the best ways to train your staff is to let them memorize the layout of the building and while experienced staff probably know the layout it is always good to give out maps of the layout of the building and to have these maps displayed in corridors and other places where they are doors and emergency exits. After having done this, you can practice mock drills with your staff by sounding the fire alarm at random times and not informing them that this is a drill and checking their responsiveness. You can also remind them from time to time about various tools during an emergency like where are the nearest fire extinguishers or where are the water hoses in case there is an emergency like a fire.



While there is a hierarchy in any office and commercial centre you must train your staff to have an emergency team in place this emergency team must comprise of a team leader and this leader may be in an administrative position. This leader can be experienced or this leader can be someone who everyone trusts and follows and has a good reputation of staying calm during tense situations.  The emergency teams will be allowed to take part in various safety seminars and they will also be trained specially and separately along with a few safety training bonuses so that it keeps the morale high. This is an excellent plan for when you have an emergency you can always count on people to be there to help everyone.



When we talk of security devices during an emergency we can talk about a lot of security devices,  for manmade situations and threats you can always count on your CCTV to get up to date information about the situation. For emergency situations like a fire, you must have sprinkler systems installed which can get into action whenever there is a temperature rise. If you are dealing with sensitive assets like data storage and server rooms then you can always install a CO2 system that can come into action whenever there is a rise in temperature but you must make sure that there are no employees in the room with a CO2 fire-retardant system. You can also choose cost-effective measures such as a few fire extinguishers as well as fire buckets with sand and fire hoses. For situations like an earthquake, there is not much you can do but you can install a seismograph in the office if you are in an earthquake-prone area.



Employees make up any business and therefore their safety should never be compromised in the face of cost-cutting and that is why you must always allow safety inspectors to inspect your company premises at regular intervals so that they can access various situations such as the fire safety rating as well as the building’s structural strength and many other factors so that you always stay safe. 

These were a few simple ways in which you can ensure the safety of your premises and facilities.  While this may seem simple to small businesses, for medium to large businesses as well as a few small businesses, managing all these can be a nightmare and that is where our emergency services come in wherein we will do all the above and much to ensure that your facilities and your property and premises are secure at all times.  This is the DMM guarantee, from the fastest rising facility management company in India