Dec 27, 2021


Hiring a security guard is not just cosmetic and it is in reality one of the most important duties in your company that you can hire for and the security guards are one of the most important employees in your business and company.  There are many factors to hiring the perfect security guard and in this blog, we will talk about how you can hire the best security guard agencies and what are the factors that you must be looking for while hiring a security guard. 

At DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd we are seasoned and experienced to provide you with the best security guards because we are a company that has been in the market especially in the security and management market for decades and we are specialists in the service sectors and work with various sectors of industries.  The guards we provide for hire have been cleared after various screenings that include checking their education, background, career aspirations, moral values, fitness and a stellar record and prior experience.  They have also been cleared after tests that stimulate various high-tension situations in which they had to perform calmly and with a clear and collective mind.  Now let’s talk about the factors that are essential while hiring a security guard.

Mental and Physical Stability –

Mental and Physical Stability

physical fitness is perhaps the most important criterion needed while hiring a security guard and your security guards must be in their peak form and not more than middle age.  They must be able to stop altercations and keep your assets and your property in mind at all times with the utmost priority and must be able to ensure that whatever is under their keep stays protected no matter the situation. They must also be mentally and emotionally fit so that they do not let their mind and their thoughts affect the situation and they must not be emotional individuals because of the kind of stressful situations that are anticipated in this job.  They must have a neutral mentality where they must simply act according to the job with the utmost loyalty towards the business and company. 

Stimulus and alertness –

Stimulus and alertness

the perfect security guard must be sharp and quick and must be able to spot danger before it has occurred and therefore, they must have sharp responses at stimulus so that their actions may act quicker than others and by doing so they must stop the danger before it had occurred. But to do this they must also have a steady mind and a clear set of responses that they must act to you whenever there is need. 

Loyalty and transparency –

Loyalty and transparency

this is a point which is more of an instruction for the employer than the security guard because the employer must be transparent at all times with the security guard or security team because they are the most important employees in the business and therefore the employer must treat them with kindness and with transparency about any situation that may arise so that the security guard may be able to do the job well.  If the employer maintains this then the security guard will develop a strong sense of loyalty towards the company and will work even harder to maintain the security of the place. 

Communication –


security guards must have great communication skills so that they may understand the business and its workings so that they may get more familiar doing that job and having great communication skills also develops family it between the employees and the security guard so that in time of need they may work as a team to solve problems.  They must also have great oral skills so that they may understand and take note of any situations and must be fluent in the languages that are spoken in the general area and our security guards at DMM are multilingual and have great communication skills.  They must also be ethically knowledgeable so that they know how to treat people well.

Team-player –


a security guard job is not to salute everyone who enters the business but to take security into their hands and to protect the business assets and premises with the utmost loyalty and being a team player is really important so that they may work with the people of the business and develop their own set of security plans according to the specific business and may be able to execute them at a moment’s notice.  

These were a few of the important points that you must have in your mind while hiring a security guard and if you want to hire from the best security guard providing agency in India then we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd are your best option because we have industry-trusted security guards and security systems that you can hire to protect your businesses and business assets and premises.