Jul 27, 2022


As a facility management services company, one of the most important services we provide is security services.

9 times out of 10 that security service includes a security guard and that is why we take special care to hire our security guards.

The security guard selection process, as well as the security guard recruitment procedures, are not only difficult to crack at DMM but we make sure that only the finest personnel are recruited by us.

The recruitment process for hiring security guards is not that simple and can be broken down into multiple steps on how to hire a security guard.

However, in this blog, we are going to show you what is like hiring a security guard at DMM and how to avoid incompetent security guard candidates.






The announcement process for announcing a hiring drive for a security guard job for a vacant job position is different at DMM.


The recruitment process for security guards is quite similar around the industry which includes putting out notices in various places like a newspaper.


However, we never recruit first-timers.  We always do our security guard job vacancy announcements through private channels.


We prefer people who already have a job experience in this field and therefore our recruitment process can become much simpler.


We always try to prefer people who have been in law enforcement or defence backgrounds so that we know we are hiring trustworthy people who are disciplined.


After we have announced our recruitment drive through private channels, we give them a certain number of days to apply.




The application process for hiring a security guard at DMM is quite straightforward.  We offer both offline and online sources for them to submit their application forms.


However, the most difficult part for the candidates is filling out the forms because it is a lengthy form that does not take any shortcuts.


They can fill the form in whichever language they prefer provided that they are willing to serve a region of their language.


If they fill out the application form then they are given a certain period of time to make any changes to the form before it is automatically submitted to our application software and server.


After the applications are submitted, they go through two sets of eyes.


One set of eyes is an automated checker that checks for any mistakes and rejects those application forms that are filled in correctly or are incomplete.


After they have passed this check then it is checked by one of our chief interviewers.


A handful of applications are selected to be processed to the next step.


These applications are processed for the next step.


The number of selections usually depends upon how many vacancies we have.




There are two sets of verification processes that we follow.


There is basic verification as well as extensive verification.


Whenever we carry out the basic verification will simply check out everything that they have mentioned in the application form and this is usually checking out the documents.


We make sure to go through everything so that there might not be any faulty applicants.  We make sure to go through this step because it can be quite possible that unqualified people apply by forging documents.


After this, we make sure to check the criminal record of every applicant to make sure that they are clean and if we find out that they are ex-servicemen or defence personnel and if they have won any awards then that is also added to their application.


We try hiring army veterans as much as we can because not only that is a good thing but they are the most reliable people if you want to hear a security guard to protect civilians.




After the basic verification process is over, we start our process of extensive verification.


The extensive verification is done remotely where we contact each and every applicant and ask them about their skills and their work experience.


We ask them about their job as well as find out if they are truly that same person.


We make sure to ask them about technical terms and manuals that only security personnel know and make sure to also check out their communication skills.


Communication skills are important to our security guards because they might have to communicate with people on quite a number of occasions.


After they have satisfied our questions in the extensive verification we move forward with the face-to-face interview.




Although we cannot mention to outsiders what are the types of questions that are asked in the interview, we make sure that all our questions are there to thoroughly assess the applicant.


The interview questions at designed in such a way so as to bring out the actual character of the applicants.


So, after they have passed the extensive education process they are called randomly for interviews.


In the interview, there are usually 3 of our top management people who conduct the interview.


They are usually people with senior security backgrounds and know exactly what it is like to be a security guard.


We cannot divulge more about the interview process as it is company policy but we can say that we do not leave any stone unturned during the interview.


Only the finest people can come out of the interviews because they truly deserve to pass the interview.




After the interview is complete things get a lot easier for our applicants.


We have a medical check-up in place that is modelled on the medical check-up techniques of our armed forces.


While regular candidates can have a difficult time passing the medical check-up, the applicants with army backgrounds easily pass the medical check with flying colours.


All though you might be thinking why are we being so strict and stringent with the process.


The simple answer to that is, it takes a lot to be the very best security service in India and we make sure that we are.




People generally do not fail the medical but they are often times when a batch has quite a few rejects.


If our applicants have passed the medical check-up, they are selected for the job.


After they have been selected, they are given a time out to settle everything and to focus their mindset on the job.


Then they are called for training.


We have an extensive training process which includes many steps which we cannot divulge here due to confidentiality reasons.


However, we can say that our training is not only physical but mental as well as communication skill training is also provided.


This was the selection process at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd when we are hiring a security guard.

If you are someone who is satisfied with the process then you are welcome to hire our elite security guards who are among the finest in India and will make sure to safeguard your company assets and premises with everything.

As a facility management company, we not only provide security but a lot more other services including soft and hard facility management services as well as specialist facility management services. We are the best security services company in India. Come check out the website.