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Facility management services and facility management, in general, is all about cost reduction. Facility management is unlike any other service and is quite dynamic. The main role of a facility management company is to manage facilities efficiently and effectively and that also includes economics. There are various implementations of cost reduction strategies by facility management that help make facility management cost reduction possible. Let us take a look at how this is done.


Preventive maintenance is by far the most important area in which a facility management strategy can save you a lot of money. Preventive maintenance is the scheduled maintenance of company equipment, machinery and assets from time to time. Facility management professionals and teams make sure that every piece of equipment is maintained at a regular time period so that the device or equipment does not break down completely. They use different facility management software and alert systems so that technicians and engineers are always there for timely preventive maintenance because preventive maintenance can cost the companies a lot less than if the machines break down permanently. There is also this issue of employee safety and maintaining the safety of employees can cost a lot for the company but having planned preventive maintenance in place can make the workplace and the working environment a lot safer ensuring employee safety and preventing unnecessary costs on the company.


Automation is another area where facility management companies shine. From taking inventory of various sales invoices to sending out payments to different parties, and timely automated payroll deployment to employees, facility management companies take the extra effort to keep the organizations organised so that no task gets missed out. This philosophy of automation is applied to every aspect of the facility management company from filing taxes to stock management as well as sending out purchase orders. This level of automation can cost any company pennies compared to the huge amount of money that they will be saving with this level of organization and orderly operations. A company works on order and if the timely operations of a company can run properly then there is no loss and that can be an additional saving due to the automation brought by facility management companies.


One of the things that get missed out on is employee morale. Employee morale is everything that makes a company profitable and if the employees are energetic and passionate about their job then no company can fail. A facility management company ensures just that by making the workplace more hospitable for the employee. The various services provided by a facility management company like housekeeping services plumbing cleaning electrical services and other services ensure that the workplace is a lot more comfortable and hospitable for the employees ensuring employee satisfaction. It is in the project management module of every company to have efficient employees and the only way that employees can be efficient is if they remain loyal and satisfied with the company. The best way to show employees that the company takes care of them is to have a good working environment for them.


One of the key roles of a facility management company is to make sure that they are energy efficient. One of the ways that this efficiency can be achieved is by cutting energy costs. To do this facility management companies can bring a lot to the table from recommending light fixtures with the lowest wattage to the installation of various devices and their maintenance so that energy efficiency can be achieved. The maintenance done by the facility management company on various machines also saves fuel and electricity and that can also be a great way of energy saving. Simply put, saving energy is the most direct form of saving money for a company and facility management companies are experts at that.

This was a blog on how facility management companies can facilitate huge cost reductions for the companies. If you too want to save important capital and money in your company then you can hire a facility management company like ours at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd. We will ensure that your company sees cost reductions in nearly every sector of operations and we will do this through our efficient and state of the art services ranging from façade cleaning, plumbing, electrical, helpdesk management, manpower and HR, security, gardening, housekeeping and a whole host of other services. With our service experience ranging several decades and with having worked in nearly every sector of every industry, we can safely say that we are the fastest growing facility management company in India.


Congratulations on the new office. We understand how difficult it is to move offices because we are a facility management company and we understand what a new facility can feel like and what new challenges it can bring. This might be your 1st or 2nd office move and you want the office environment to be of the highest quality as well as the new office should be equipped with good housekeeping service. But we also understand that moving offices can be quite difficult, especially with the amount of inventory and boxes and everything else that has to be shifted. And if you want your new office to stay clean it will be impossible for the staff to manage that with all these shiftings.

The next best thing for you would be to hire a professional housekeeping management service that will take care of the new office cleaning as well as prevent any health risk environment from being created. Let us find out together how a housekeeping service can make your office transition more seamless and easier.


Moving offices is never something pleasant. The normal work schedule gets disturbed due to the moving and employees need to stay busy in moving as well as doing their daily duties. There is also this risk of fire hazards and any high-risk environment arising from this situation as well as other emergency situations because no one can take care of every safety hazard due to lending their hand in moving. In all this, if the office looks dirty and feels dirty then that can make matters worse. That is why proper housekeeping management functions as a mood lifter and a positivity bringer to the atmosphere. When you are moving and the place seems clean that will automatically trigger a happy response in your mind that this is going to be the new place that you are going to work in.


One of the most important things that get missed out during any move is emergency situations. If your business deals with a lot of paper or lose inflammable material then the situation can get even more complex. It is especially during these times that the emergency situations become relaxed and people don’t have emergency situations in mind. This is the reason why many things can happen and one of them is the most dangerous and that is fire hazards. This is why a housekeeping service is of the utmost importance in cleaning out any irregularities that may lead to a fire.


As we mentioned in the point about a positive atmosphere, cleaning is the primary function of a housekeeping management company and we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd will make sure that your new offices are up to your standards of cleaning and we will make sure that the new office feels familiar and clean and hygienic so that you can start your business here and grow your business without having to worry about unclean premises. From cleaning areas thoroughly that get missed out to regular cleaning and maintenance of areas that might get dirty due to the moving, we do everything.


The customers are everything to a business and this is also the case with your business. If your business is a place where customers regularly need to visit then having a good clean up system will make them believe that even in this absurd and hectic moment of moving offices you’ve still managed to keep your premises clean. This will have a profound and lasting effect on the reputation of your business and will attract even more customers.


Moving offices can be a hectic ordeal and we understand that. It is usually during moving this that many files and many assets and documents can get lost and a lot of property and assets can get damaged. This is usually the case when moving is combined with improper cleaning. This is where the services of professional housekeeping services like awards come in because we make sure that all your stuff is alright. And as you and your staff are focused on moving into the new office, we make sure no one has to worry about cleaning.

This was a blog about how a facility management company like ours can help a business like yours in moving offices. While we focus on the housekeeping aspect of our services in this blog, we also provide other excellent services that complement the housekeeping services from technical support to security services and of course facility management and upkeep. We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we will make sure to provide you get the best housekeeping services in India.


Digitalisation in the integrated facility management system is not only important but rather mandatory in 2022.  This is simply because the market has gone exponentially both offline and online and therefore the digital market dictates quite a lot of what happens in the facility management sector.

There is also the growing demand for integrating various services into one and real-time understanding of the workflow and we understand this and we understand the importance that this kind of digitalised workflow brings.

Let us look at how digitalisation has helped the facility management industry and how we at DMM implement digitalization and what the benefits that they bring.


Automation is perhaps the most important change that has come to the facility management industry. As we all know in facility management, there are a lot of parameters to observe, a lot of facilities and services to keep track of and a lot of data to process. While they may seem manageable in pen and paper, it’s easier said than done. That is why digitalization has been instrumental for us to come ahead as the fastest rising facility management company in India. This automation helps us pile up tasks one after the other wherein idle workers get new tasks allocated and thereby increasing efficiency greatly.


Productivity is also one such aspect that has seen a great rise with the advent of technology and automation in our facility management systems. Let us take the example of allotting workers the new job assignments and projects. Previously workers would not be allocated jobs because the allocation process was slow and this would lead to unassigned workers staying idle. With digitization, no work is left pending, no worker is left idle and the systems get fast and flexible which altogether contributes a great deal to the betterment of our services and happy customers.


Data is probably one of the most valuable commodities in our facility management company.  We have to process huge amounts of data and these data can be from market analytics to payroll data as well as helpdesk data and facility occupancy data and much more.  Previously when there was no digitalization, everything had to be done on paper and this led to the process being quite lengthy also increasing the chance of error. After the digitalization of our facility management company, that data organisation has been extremely beneficial to our services as now there is no data loss as everything is allocated and organised and this data allocation and organisation is helping us improve our efficiency.



A large part of facility management services includes the maintenance of facilities and this maintenance can be through housekeeping facility cleaning plumbing electrical services and a whole host of other maintenance related services.  Previously whenever anything required maintenance our efficiency would be tested to its limit because there was no way of predicting when the next maintenance would be required.  But now through the power of derivation and the power of advanced AI learning, we can predict maintenance times within very close parameters so that there is always a team of maintenance workers ready whenever there is a need.


Compliance plays a huge part in the function of any facility management company and likewise for our company as well. Compliance simply means checking various parameters in various safety protocols and seeing that we are under the permitted levels whether it is the use of certain chemicals or certain technics in our facility maintenance services.  With automation, we can use various sensors and various techniques that give us real-time data services so that we can always ensure that we are under government mandatory compliance at all times.  This may seem like a small deal but it is actually huge when it comes to our line of work because the only way we can build trust in the industry is by doing everything by the books and according to the law.

So, this is how digitalization has helped facilities management companies become more efficient by implementing various digital technologies in their day to day work. The same goes for us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd. We have seen a great deal of increase in efficiency after implementing digitalization.


Facility management services are perhaps the best complement to a hospital because they can work in perfect synchronization with the workings of a hospital and has the perfect compatibility with the nature of services required in a hospital.

Unlike other industries, the healthcare industry needs special attention to various aspects of facilities for a facility management company making the task of providing services challenging but where there are challenges there is DMM.

Having worked in nearly every sector of the industry, we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd can say with confidence that we would be perfect in the surroundings of the environment that is in a hospital.

Let us check out how our services are a perfect match for hospitals.

Hygiene –

Hygiene is perhaps the most important thing that comes to mind when we are talking about a facility management service and it is also the most important thing that comes to mind when we are talking about the clean and sterile environment of a hospital. This is where we come in because of the multitude of services that we provide in the hygiene sector. Let’s start with the obvious and that is the regular housekeeping service and cleaning services because in a hospital the cleaning services must be attentive at all times to clean and make every area as sterile as possible and we have extensive experience in this field. We simply work by breaking down areas into priority levels. These priority levels include areas where surgeries are performed and that areas hold the utmost priority where only the most experienced workers are allowed to clean then we move down the priority chain to the last area and these areas include the outside of hospitals as well as areas nearby which have chances of having human contact such as railings and other places are situated. Along with the cleaning services we also have expert garbage disposal teams who know the difference between hazardous garbage and also the various categories of hazardous garbage and know how to segregate and handle them accordingly. Our workers are perfect for the job because they have extensive experience working during pandemic times and understand contamination and the core understanding of hygiene.

Mission-critical services –

A hospital is a very important place where decisions regarding life and death are made and it is that value for the importance that keeps us up at night and makes us push our levels to improve our facility management services. Various mission-critical services need to be run when dealing with a facility like a hospital complex and one of the most critical services in a hospital is the electrical service. Especially if the hospital has an intensive care unit as well as an OT then maintaining proper electricity for the running of life-saving equipment is of priority and our expert electricians know this and that is why we provide 24/7 electricity and electrician support system and along with that we also are experts in regular maintenance so that there are no electrical problems, to begin with. Along with that we also provide various services for the upgradation of equipment and installation of new electrical wiring that integrates well with the existing systems without creating unnecessary load on the system. Along with electricity one of the most important services that are mission-critical to hospitals is plumbing because in simple terms a hospital is a place where bad substances are removed from individuals and that includes fluids. Therefore plumbing not only consists of keeping freshwater running for the running of various equipment but also keeping the waste drainage systems running so that a sterile and clean environment such as a hospital never gets contaminated with human waste. Our expert plumbers understand this and that is why we also have an emergency 24/7 plumbing service available as a part of facility management services for hospitals. Our plumbers will make sure that all the pipes and fittings and fixtures are maintained so that there is never a leakage. A leakage in a place like a hospital should also be avoided because it can create short circuits in the expensive equipment that runs on electricity.

Aesthetics –

A hospital is a place of healing and no one understands this better than us because we know how much a good environment impacts the way we think. Having a clean and good environment increases the chances of recovery because a well-presented environment induces confidence in the patient’s mind and thereby quickens their recovery times by improving their mental health. One of the best ways for improving the aesthetic appeal of a hospital is to have lots of trees and greenery on the hospital premises. These trees and plants will not only help beautify the environment of the hospital but will also provide fresh air which is important in hospitals. We have expert teams of gardeners who know how to beautify a place and with their extensive experience in working for small and large garden patches they can design and grow and groom a garden totally according to your desire. Along with that we also offer another important service and that is facade cleaning service. Nowadays every modern hospital has a glass facade and an unclean glass facade can have a negative impact on the patient’s mind as well as the minds of the patient’s family and that is why we also offer a renowned facade cleaning service. Our expert team of workers at DMM know how to handle and clean any kind of facade surface such as glass, stone, wood, steel etc making sure that your hospital’s facade stays clean at all times.

These were a few of the ways in which we as a facility Management company can help hospitals run properly. As we have worked with every kind of industry we have extensive experience working in the medical sector and health services industry making us a perfect match for your hospitals. Hire DMM today because we are the best facility management company in India, based in Kolkata and let us work together to provide a holistic healing environment that facilitates success.


As a facilities management company, evacuation is one of the most important things that comes to our mind. We at DMM Facilities Management Pvt Ltd train and retrain our staff and team members to be prepared for every kind of natural disaster or manmade disaster that can occur and that is why we take evacuation with the utmost seriousness. Emergency evacuation is not something to be trifled with and many facilities management company and many other facilities maintenance companies do not take their emergency evacuation plans seriously as this blog is for everyone who wants to have an efficient and proper plan. 

Let us take a look at 5 ways in which you can improve your building’s evacuation plan so that no matter the calamity you will be able to bring out your staff safely. 


The best way to stay prepared in a time of emergency is to train your staff.  Let us look at a few ways in which you can train your staff so that they become effective during emergencies.  One of the best ways to train your staff is to let them memorize the layout of the building and while experienced staff probably know the layout it is always good to give out maps of the layout of the building and to have these maps displayed in corridors and other places where they are doors and emergency exits. After having done this, you can practice mock drills with your staff by sounding the fire alarm at random times and not informing them that this is a drill and checking their responsiveness. You can also remind them from time to time about various tools during an emergency like where are the nearest fire extinguishers or where are the water hoses in case there is an emergency like a fire.



While there is a hierarchy in any office and commercial centre you must train your staff to have an emergency team in place this emergency team must comprise of a team leader and this leader may be in an administrative position. This leader can be experienced or this leader can be someone who everyone trusts and follows and has a good reputation of staying calm during tense situations.  The emergency teams will be allowed to take part in various safety seminars and they will also be trained specially and separately along with a few safety training bonuses so that it keeps the morale high. This is an excellent plan for when you have an emergency you can always count on people to be there to help everyone.



When we talk of security devices during an emergency we can talk about a lot of security devices,  for manmade situations and threats you can always count on your CCTV to get up to date information about the situation. For emergency situations like a fire, you must have sprinkler systems installed which can get into action whenever there is a temperature rise. If you are dealing with sensitive assets like data storage and server rooms then you can always install a CO2 system that can come into action whenever there is a rise in temperature but you must make sure that there are no employees in the room with a CO2 fire-retardant system. You can also choose cost-effective measures such as a few fire extinguishers as well as fire buckets with sand and fire hoses. For situations like an earthquake, there is not much you can do but you can install a seismograph in the office if you are in an earthquake-prone area.



Employees make up any business and therefore their safety should never be compromised in the face of cost-cutting and that is why you must always allow safety inspectors to inspect your company premises at regular intervals so that they can access various situations such as the fire safety rating as well as the building’s structural strength and many other factors so that you always stay safe. 

These were a few simple ways in which you can ensure the safety of your premises and facilities.  While this may seem simple to small businesses, for medium to large businesses as well as a few small businesses, managing all these can be a nightmare and that is where our emergency services come in wherein we will do all the above and much to ensure that your facilities and your property and premises are secure at all times.  This is the DMM guarantee, from the fastest rising facility management company in India


We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we are positioned perfectly to offer you the best mall management services because we are in our code a service providing company and a facilities management company.  Let us take a look at how we can help manage your Mall premises with ease. 



A mall always has a façade and a clean façade is even more so important for the reputation of a mall because of the various new visitors it receives compared to a regular business.  That means the façade of a mall is noticed more often which makes cleaning a really important task and that is where the first service of our mall management system comes into play.  We will make sure that your mall’s façade stays clean at all times and we are flexible enough to do the cleaning whenever you wish at any operating hours you wish.  Our facade cleaners are experienced in handling every kind of façade material from wood to steel and of course glass. 


Gate management services is one of the most quintessential services in a mall and with security standards improving across the country, it is our privilege to offer you one of the best gate management services in the country, suitable for malls.  This includes security guards who are experienced in handling every size of the crowd and are apt in the security protocols necessary to screen the guests in. Our team of gate management guards as well as other security personnel are apt in communicating between themselves and imminent threat assessment before any danger occurs. This is why gate management is part of our system of mall management services.


Water is an enemy of malls and with so many polished floors, water can be a real threat and safety hazard to the safety of the mall guests and also the expensive mall inventories like clothes and electronics and that is why we have one of the most robust and attentive cleaning and plumbing services. We do not wait for water leaks to happen as all the water supply pipes and fittings will always remain maintained with our expert team of plumbers, and for accidental water drops in the day-to-day business of the mall, our attentive cleaners will always be there to clean up any mess. This makes our cleaning and plumbing services the third most important part of our Mall Management services. 


A mall runs and thrives on electricity and any power loss can mean losses in monetary terms for the mall. A mall requires only the best electrical services to keep all the displays and all the lights and all the other electronics running in order.  This is where the services of a facility management company have come into play because a mall cannot have regular electricians because they are not effective at working at high capacity and attentiveness that a mall requires.  This is where our electrical services come into play and proper coordination also comes into play and that is where our electrical services shine because our team of electricians will keep all the wiring and all the electrical connections in your mall in the best-maintained condition so that there are no short circuits and accidents.  This is perhaps one of the most important services that we can humbly provide you. 

These were are a few among a plethora of services that we can provide you as a part of our mall management services.  With us, at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd you will not have to worry about any aspect of managing your mall because we will take care of everything for you.  Check out our website now to know more. 



Payroll is one of the most fundamental units of a business and payroll helps in the sustainability of a business.  In this blog, we will talk about the basic guide on what is payroll and what are the steps involved in the payroll deployment process.  While this process may be different for various payroll service providers for hire in India, they are mostly the same for the most reputed payroll deployment specialists.

Pre-payroll activities – These are the activities that have to be fulfilled before starting the payroll process and these are the foundation blocks for the payroll services.

  • Payroll policy – This is when the payroll companies will need to determine the company’s policies on leaves, benefits, incentives as well as other pay policies that they have implemented.  This is the basis on which the payroll service will operate on that company.
  • Input gathering- While the payroll policy is what the client company wants the payroll company to enact, input gathering is the actual data that the company will provide regarding employee numbers and their designations and their pay packages as well as any bonus is any of them will receive along with overtime money and other penalties.
  • Validation –  This is the part where the payroll company will validate the data as well as the client company’s payroll policy with company executives to make sure that you are not missing out on any employee or that your input data is correct.

Payroll activities – This is the main sequence of events in which the actual payroll will be determined.

  • Calculation – This is the most important part of the payroll process and this is why hire companies have been brought in to make it easier to calculate payroll and deploy it.  The calculation involves calculating the payroll and adding or subtracting values according to incentives and penalties.  Calculating also involves verifying the result data and analysing the input data so that there is no mistake in calculation.  Any mistake in payroll calculation can spell disaster for a company.

Post payroll process – This is the process in which the work of calculations in all other inputs have been done and the actual payroll deployment takes place.

  • Compliance – Compliance is making sure that everything from the provident fund to TDS as well as gratuity and everything is maintained as well as making sure that all the taxes are in order so that the company does not get any fines from the revenue departments.
  • Pay-out – Payout involves the actual payment of the employee salaries and this can be done through cash cheque or bank transfer and any other mode the employee has agreed on and this can be done after making sure that the company salary bank account has enough funds to make the payroll deployment. The best payroll service providers do this with sophisticated software that makes it as easy as clicking a button.
  • Reporting – This is when all the payroll has been deployed and the payroll service providing company needs to provide a report of employee records such as the total cost of payroll spend as well as a department-wise spend and other statistical data that may come in handy to the company.

So, this was the basic guide to payroll and if you are someone who months to do their payroll then you can take inspiration from this blog and start your payroll for your company, but as you can see from the blog, it is complicated and any mistake can tarnish the reputation of the company so the best-case scenario for me would be to hire a payroll outsourcing company for all your payroll needs such as finding any reputable payroll management service provider for hire in India.


Payroll is one of the most quintessential parts of a business and a company and a business stands and relies on payroll to keep its operations running.  Hiding a payroll management system from a payroll services company can make a huge difference in the operations of a company and can prevent common errors. You can always take a look at a guide to payroll management, which will help you understand payroll better. Let us look at a few common errors and learn how you can avoid them by implementing payroll systems.

Work role mismatch –

This may seem like a simple error but this is one of the most important aspects of a business. Managers ought to be able to classify the right designation for the right worker and failing to do so can cause a lot of trouble and a lot of reputation loss for the business. When this kind of an error happens the permanent worker gets classified as a temporary worker and gets the payment of a temporary worker and vice versa and due to this the workers can get quite upset and that can even bring the company’s balance into existence. With our excellent payroll management systems, there will never be a risk of this kind of mismatch that used to be common when there were no payroll management systems in place and payroll was done manually.

Payment inaccuracies –

This is also a major issue relating to payroll errors and this is perhaps one of the most fatal errors that a company can make and that is inconsistent payment. Inconsistent payment means not paying the worker the right amount at the right time and that can lead to work dissatisfaction this can cause the entire team of employees to lose morale and losing morale is never good for a business. Our payroll systems make sure that the right person gets paid the right amount at the right time and we make sure of this by to our automated systems and our manual oversight of them so that there is a 0% chance of error.

Flawed records –

Record keeping is important for a business because it keeps track of every analytical data that is related to the business growth and assessment of the business performance. Maintaining and updating these records will help a company understand how it is performing in the general industry and bad maintenance can even mean a bad budget allocation as well as many other errors.  We not only e assist with your payroll but we also have systems in place that do excellent record keeping so you do not have to worry about outdated and error-riddled records.

Tax calculation –

As with payment accuracies, failure to do tax calculation can also land the company in hot water. Doing tax is necessary for a brand to stay in the good books of the revenue department of the country and incorrect tax calculation and incorrect tax submission can even make the company look suspicious in the eyes of the government authorities and can create unnecessary trouble for the brand and even damage the reputation of the brand for failing to comply with taxes.  We have text calculating experts who are experienced enough to take this very seriously and offer you tax calculation solutions that will ensure that your brand image stays intact.

Compliance issues –

Payroll compliance is what keeps payroll systems planning and these compliances are mandates issued by the government to ensure that a company is competent to provide payroll to employees. These compliances include provident funds as well as gratuity and if the company fails to comply with these then they cannot issue payroll to employees and thereby cannot operate properly.  We will make sure that all your compliance is in order so that you do not incur fines and restrictions by the government

These were a few common payroll errors that can be easily rectified with the payroll management system and services offered by us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd. We are payroll experts and will ensure your payroll is always in order.





Payroll as we all know is a very helpful service for new brands as well as for big established companies. Payroll helps these brands deploy salaries and other important transactions and payments in time. Therefore you can easily outsource your payroll services to any payroll services company as they have gotten good at providing payroll to people. Let us look at how the role plays an excellent role in the efficiency of a company.

1. Expertise –

These companies are large corporations themselves and they have a huge team of employees and experts who jointly handle the payroll. These people are experienced in what they do and this is the only thing you do so rest assured your company’s payroll will go out on time to the proper person without any hassle. And hassle is the keyword here because doing payroll is a worrisome process of hassle and any mistakes done it can make and break your company’s reputation.

2. Cutting edge technology –

Payroll service providing companies in india extensively use softwares that optimise and manage payroll and these softwares are enterprise-level and quite complex. Even if you try to set up an in-house payroll management system, buying and training your new staff in this manner would be quite impossible. These softwares help you track the progress of payroll deployment and any other kind of analytics data that you wish to understand. Thus outsourcing your payroll to these companies lets you access valuable data at the click of a button.

3. Outside harm’s reach –

Outsourcing your payroll also helps you input systems like tracking the work progress of your employees and then calculating how much incentive they deserve and how many incentives they have taken up for the job. This is where outsourcing shines because having this kind of information outside of the reach of the employees is genius as they do not and cannot have access to this data thus reducing the risk of manipulating the technology that is present in the payroll management system.

4. Taxes –

One of the most important advantages of outsourcing your payroll is that these specialised payroll handling companies are that they help keep track of government taxes and jurisdiction and this also falls under their responsibility to help keep your company up to date with all the taxes so that they do not accumulate additional fines from the government. These taxes in India includes both the state government tax as well as the central government tax and maintaining both of them together is a huge challenge that only professional payroll management services companies can do.

5. Brand image –

Outsourcing something as serious as payroll shows the company’s initiative to spend money on quality services and this gradually and greatly increases the morale of employees. Any problem in the payroll of a company can greatly damage the morale of its employees and this is where the troubles originate many companies have seen a downward shift from this point because their employees were not happy with the brand and their payment schedules.

6. Access to data –

These payroll services companies are data-driven and to operate and work with them you simply have to provide your data regarding employees and other data for other services that you wish to know and they will keep providing you with the data for the smooth functioning of their companies payroll. They do not seek the involvement of your employees and your valuable time because data is enough for them to operate and that is the main reason why they are so convenient.

These were a few of the most essential reasons why outsourcing your payroll to a payroll services company and agency is one of the best decisions you can take for your brand as this technology has largely remained unchanged due to the fact of its reliability and that is why payroll outsourcing has reached a certain level then it can be called a service that is a necessity in today’s market. Simply google out India’s most trusted payroll services companies and choose any one of them you like and payroll will be smooth sailing for you.


Hanging gardens or vertical gardens are slowly becoming quite popular in the gardening world and vertical gardens may seem like a challenge to some but they are an excellent option for you if you lack horizontal space and by that, we mean that you lack the land to grow a horizontal traditional garden.  In this blog, we will see the simple steps for you to grow a vertical garden or a hanging garden.

Select a Wall –

Select a Wall

Choosing a wall can seem difficult but it is rather quite simple.  You can practically choose any wall of your liking but you have to keep a few things in mind.  That Wall should not be connected to any important structures of the house or any building because that Wall is going to get a lot of water and stay damp from the roots holding water.  The wall should also so be facing the sunlight for most of the time of the day and this will ensure that your garden stays healthy and your plants receive abundant sunlight.  you need not worry about sweight because anyone will be able to hold a normal sized hanging garden but you must ensure that your garden is not something really big. 

Building a Frame –

Building a Frame

The next most important thing you need to do is build the frame which you can directly put on a wall.  For the frame, we would suggest that you use PVC pipes and PVC pipe elbows and make a frame.  We would suggest that you do not use metal because metal can be expensive and also the additional weight can weaken the wall and we do not suggest that you use wood because without treatment wood will start to rot quite easily.

Plastic sheeting –

Plastic sheeting

This step is quite important if you want to maintain the integrity and structural strength of the wall because prolonged exposure to water can weaken the wall and therefore, we would suggest that you have a plastic sheet backing to the frame that you just put up and this plastic sheet can be PVC sheets as well as any other construction plastic. 

Water retention –

Water retention

This is a simple step and the purpose of this step is to help your hanging garden retain water for the plants.  The simplest way to do this is to attach layers of fabric to the frame and this is the part where your plants will live on and hold water.  We would suggest that you use carpet padding as well as any other kind of thick fabric and you can attach them directly to your frame with stainless steel screws and stables and make sure that the fabric is stretched and does not have any folds or wrinkles.

Irrigation –


This is one of the most important steps and this is where you will set up the irrigation system for your hanging garden.  We would suggest that you do not DIY the hardware for this step as it is an important step and you need to buy your poly tubing with fittings from any irrigation supplier and you must be able to adjust the water to drip in seconds and not minutes as your vertical garden requires more water than a horizontal garden and you must be able to maintain the balance between wet and not overflowing. 

Fertilization –


This is an easy step once you have your irrigation system in place you can simply prepare, you’re the fertilizers you want to apply in your hanging garden and then and apply them through the water irrigation system.

Plants –


We can discuss a thousand varieties that you can put on your wall but we and other experts seem to agree that it is always in the best interest to plant native species of plants in your vertical garden because that not only blends well with the surroundings but it is also good for the plants because they are accustomed to the climate and environment.

Inserting the plants –

Inserting the plants

After you have chosen the type of plans you want to plant, you will simply need to make horizontal slits with a razor in the fabric of the frame, and make sure to not go too deep has to pierce the plastic backing.  Then you must insert the plant roots and see that no soil is there on the root and then fix the roots with staples.

 These were the few simple steps you will need to follow if you want to blend a hanging garden or a vertical garden in your home and if you are someone who is into gardening and beautification and wants to see the same thing in your business complex but you do not have the skills and manpower to do it then you can always hire us at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd because we have renowned gardeners that will beautify the garden complexes of your business.